Brianna Tam’s Electric Cello Carries A Dark Undercurrent

Mar 10, 2020

Brianna Tam with her cello.
Credit John Hooper/ Decoro Images

Brianna Tam’s cello nearly disappears when turned sideways. The sleek, black instrument is just an outline with strings.

No wooden body is needed for resonance, as the notes feed directly into a loop pedal. Patiently and with great precision, she taps a button with her foot to build and weave layers of her own playing together. Brianna Tam is a string quartet unto herself, evoking shadowy symphonic universes. The young Greensboro-based artist plays with hip-hop artists and singer-songwriters, but joins host Frank Stasio live at the Triad Stage as a solo act.

Tam's band, Camus and Crew will perform at Bull's Tavern in Winston-Salem on Friday, March 13 at 9 p.m.