Beat Boss, Win Song. Body Games’ New Album Also A Carrboro-Based Retro Game

Sep 1, 2020

Want to listen to Body Games' new album? You'll have to beat their online game first.
Credit Super Body Games RPG

Eiffel 65 is at the Cat’s Cradle playing their 1998 hit single “Blue” on repeat. Weeks pass. Only you can bring light to the dark musical landscape. Even for those who are not gamers or daily lurkers in downtown Carrboro, Super Body Games RPG is a dangerously fun way to remember the satisfaction of earning music. 

Spotify has transformed listening into a passive experience that consistently underfunds artists. While the video game is free, it takes time and energy to beat bosses, earn in-game money and buy download codes at the local record shop. That emotional investment truly heightens the enjoyment of listening to Body Games’ sweet and sour synthpop. The band is made up of Dax Beaton, Kate Thompson and Adam Graetz. Beaton kindly requests that host Frank Stasio assume the identity of the RPG’s protagonist, a genderless alien, and join Body Games on their quest to save the humble town of Carrboro from Eiffel 65’s sinister plot.