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Jade City Pharaoh - The Chase (Season 2, Ep. 2)

The Beef 'Cooka' is one of the Jade Pharaoh's rivals
Luis Franco

We left our hero in the hospital, recovering from a brutal attack by his arch nemesis, The Beef Cooka. Though he survived, the Pharaoh fakes his death in hopes his enemy would get careless. For six months, he helped Detective Martina McCoy build a case. Now, the wait is over. It's time to take the fight to the very headquarters of The Beef Cooka.

Jade City Pharaoh stars Mike Wiley.  The series is written by Howard Craft, with music by the Apple Juice Kid. WUNC's Frank Stasio is the producer/director. Follow our hero on Twitter: @JadeCityWarrior and on Facebook.


  • Mike Wiley as Herald MF Jones
  • Trevor  Johnson as the Notorious Beef Cooka arch Hood Villian
  • Alphonse Nicholson as Slimy Worm Jenkins

Episode Script:

Scene 2:  BEEF COOKA's new headquarters, downtown Jade City.

Sound effect:  the sound of someone being punched brutally.  Knocking on door.


You want us BC?

Worm get in here.  Boweem, Mr. Wilkes would like to visit the pit bulls and explain to them why he chose to write such bad things about my restaurant in his food column.  I'm sure our canine friends would like to know how tender Mr. Wilkes is.

NOOOOOO!  I can write another review, please, dear sir, not the dogs! (Begging pleading, as he's dragged out.)

SOUND EFFECT door slam shut behind him.

Is the meeting set WORM?

Set like a kitchen table at Big Mama's Sunday after church.  All the major bosses will be there.  

Good, lots to discuss in a post Herald Jones world.  Ha!  Ha!  Ha!

He's lucky you shot him before I got to him you dig, cause the worm ain't scared of nobody, specially no teeny weenie Afro wearing Peter Pan lookin mutha-

Sound effect:  JONES crashing through glass.
Theme music,
Then gunshots,
sounds of fist -o - cuffs.

Let me go!  Let me go!  You're choking me…

Take a nap worm.

Worm gasping, choking then dropping to the floor.  
Sound effect: The sounds of handcuffs beings tossed on a desk.

Jones! How are you even alive?

You owe.  I'm here to collect.  Me and you, no super powers.

JONES, you come right out of a comic book.  Two fingers sucker!

Sound effect:  Trap door opening and BEEF COOKA sliding down.

Damn it!  Trap door I should have expected that.  Gotta beat him to the street.

Sound effect: feet running.


Boweem, bring the car around now!

Sound effect: tires squealing, door opening, BEEF COOKA diving in.


There you are!!!

Sound effect: Car peeling out, and JONES flying faster in pursuit.  Music plays over the sounds of tires squealing as car turns corners.

He's headed straight toward the roadblock.  
Sound effect:  Car crash sound of gunfire. JONES landing

Nooooo!  Cease-fire! Cease-fire!
Sound effect:  JONES opening a smashed car door.

The driver's dead.  The Beef Cooka…  He's not in here?  He's not in here!!!  How the hell did he…    (slamming fist on car) NO!  NO!  NO! BEEF COOKAAAA!!!!  

Theme music.
End Episode.

Herald MF Jones, AKA The Jade City Pharaoh
Credit Luis Franco /
Herald MF Jones, AKA The Jade City Pharaoh

Carol Jackson has been with WUNC since 2006. As Digital News Editor, she writes stories for, and helps reporters and hosts make digital versions of their radio stories. She is also responsible for sharing stories on social media. Previously, Carol spent eight years with WUNC's nationally syndicated show The Story with Dick Gordon, serving as Managing Editor and Interim Senior Producer.
Longtime NPR correspondent Frank Stasio was named permanent host of The State of Things in June 2006. A native of Buffalo, Frank has been in radio since the age of 19. He began his public radio career at WOI in Ames, Iowa, where he was a magazine show anchor and the station's News Director.
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