NC Building Codes Get Greener

Dec 14, 2010

ASU Tech Chair Jeff Tiller
Credit ASU

The state’s Building Codes Council agreed today to require higher energy efficiency in new buildings.  Starting in 2012, commercial buildings must be 30% more energy efficient than they’re required to be today.  New homes must be 15% more efficient. That means more insulation, better windows, and other changes.

Appalachian State Professor Jeff Tiller helped lead the panel that wrote the new codes:

"The first cost is a little higher, but of course, once a homeowner buys it and finances it with a mortgage, their extra mortgage cost is gonna be far outpaced by the energy savings. So for the homeowner, it’s the cheapest home they can buy."

Tiller’s panel originally proposed a 30% improvement for all buildings, but some homebuilders said that could put starter homes out of the reach of some buyers.  The changes are projected to add $1 to $2 per square foot to the price of a new home. Next month, the Council will consider other changes to help builders offset the added cost.