Members of the Chinese American Friendship Association of North Carolina stuff bags with facemasks in front of the Cary Senior Center.
Jared Weber / For WUNC

Some folks saw posts on social media. Several received messages from elected officials. Others heard via word of mouth. Regardless, by the time May 1 arrived, a line of cars curved two blocks down the road from the Cary Senior Center, as drivers waited to pick up 10 free facemasks from their cars.

Cary residents Rong Cai and Yanshun Liu  and their two sons
Jared Weber / For WUNC

For the first time in about a month, Rong Cai got to spend Saturday afternoon with her family. As she made a lunch of shrimp and rice cakes, her son Allen worked on homework for his Saturday Chinese school, where he learns about Chinese language and culture. Meanwhile, Cai’s husband, Yanshun Liu, played board games with their kindergartener Matthew. Later, the family had lunch together.

The second NC Chinese Lantern Festival at Cary's Koka Booth Amphitheatre consists of 20 displays made of silk and over 15,000 LED lights.
Ryan Wilusz / WUNC

Since Thanksgiving, Cary has been hosting the fourth annual Chinese Lantern Festival. Every year, around 85 to 90,000 people visit Cary to see the lights.

Sepia upper half of the cover is a tone image of a marsh and bottom reads Behind My Eyes by Li-Young Lee / WW Norton and Company


When Li-Young Lee's parents received a classical education in China, they memorized dozens of poems. As a child, he heard his parents playfully recite poem after poem to one another. Today Li-Young Lee draws much of his poetic influence from that same classical Chinese poetry. 

Jennifer Ho, English professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill / UNC-Chapel Hill

When Jennifer Ho went to the hospital for testing on a lump in her breast, she encountered the image often associated with breast cancer: the pink ribbon.

A nurse led the UNC English professor to an exam room. She recalls, "And then I saw a tote bag with UNC hospital's name on it and the pink ribbon. And I had this immediate visceral reaction. And I'm walking with the nurse. And I said something I can't repeat on the air." Ho said, "I hate those *** pink ribbons."