The Second Line Stompers

Jul 22, 2016

Note: this program is a rebroadcast. 

While many types of jazz include some kind of improvisation, New Orleans-style jazz involves multiple performers improvising at the same time. It takes talent, trust, and rhythm--three things employed by the Second Line Stompers, a Triangle-based jazz group. The group performs jazz standards from the 1920s-1940s, including many made famous by Louis Armstrong. They perform at the Irregardless Café in Raleigh tomorrow and the Glenwood Club in Raleigh on Sunday. Host Frank Stasio talks with the group and they perform live in studio. The Second Line Stompers are Gregg Gelb on clarinet and sax; Greg Cagle on trumpet; Dave Wright on trombone and vocals; George Knott on bass; Dave Albert on Drums; and Dave McAllister sitting in on piano.

Watch The Second Line Stompers perform live: