Rethinking Life, The Universe And Everything In The Anthropocene

Aug 25, 2017

Law professor Jedediah Purdy and theology professor Norman Wirzba team up to push for a major re-think of life in the Anthropocene epoch.
Credit Donn Young / Duke University

The Anthropocene is considered by many scholars and scientists to be the epoch in which humans became a dominant force in shaping the world around us. 

Assuming that we are currently living in the Anthropocene, a couple of Duke professors are calling on a mass, multidisciplinary shift in thinking in order to slow the destruction of the planet. They also hope to bring the core tenants of fields like law, philosophy, and politics into a more contemporary frame. Duke University theology and ecology professor Norman Wirzba and Duke Law professor Jedediah Purdy say their own fields, along with many others, need a major and urgent overhaul.

Host Frank Stasio speaks with Purdy and Wirzba about their multidisciplinary project and the future of life, the universe, and everything in the Anthropocene.