Poll Shows Oppositon to Gay Marriage Ban

Sep 30, 2011

A new poll shows a majority of North Carolinians are opposed to a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. The data out of Elon University shows 56 percent of state residents opposed to an amendment to ban gay marriage and civil unions. Assistant poll director Mileah Kromer says support for same-sex couples in North Carolina is now widespread.

Mileah Kromer: "Only 34 percent oppose any legal recognition for same-sex couples, while at the same time you have 29 percent supporting civil unions and another 33 percent supporting full marriage rights for gay couples in the state."
But the fate of the amendment on the May ballot is still very much in question. Kromer says more than half of Republican surveyed support the amendment, while more than 4 out of 5 Democrats oppose it. She says passage of the amendment likely will depend on who is motivated to get to the polls for the May primary.

Kromer: "A lot of Republicans will be more likely to support this constitutional ban on same-sex marriage than their Democratic counterparts. It is in the best interest of those who are opposed to this referendum for the Republican nomination to get wrapped up early, so it does not bring more Republicans to the polls in May."
The 2008 Democratic primary drew huge numbers of voters to the polls because neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama had clinched the nomination yet.