Not A Snake, Just A Charmer: Your Neighborhood Reptile Wrangler

Jul 31, 2020

Free time from quarantine has given way to more wandering in backyards, and sometimes people encounter a critter that scares them. That is where Nick Massimo comes in. 

He is a doctoral candidate in herpetology at Arizona State University and lives in Durham. Last year he posted in his neighborhood’s Nextdoor forum offering his services in snake identification and removal. He got such a large response that he went on to attain his Wildlife Damage Control Agent certification. Massimo says to live harmoniously with snakes, people have to learn to identify venomous snakes from non-venomous snakes. And that is not as simple as looking for a triangular head. Host Anita Rao debunks snake myths with Massimo and discusses how North Carolinians can coexist with copperheads.