NC Community Members Reflect On Their History With Policing And Protests

Jun 3, 2020

Chris Suggs, founder of Kinston Teens, addresses youth protesters at a rally in Kinston, N.C. on June 1.
Credit Courtesy of Chris Suggs

As protests against police brutality, harassment and discrimination continue across the state, community leaders and citizens are taking time to reflect on their own experiences with law enforcement and the country’s long history of racial disparity in policing. 

They are also looking ahead and contemplating the future of policing and public safety. Chris Suggs, founder of Kinston Teens, discusses the protest youth organizers planned in Kinston on June 1, their demands for police accountability and the community pushback the protest received.

Host Frank Stasio talks to Adriane Lentz-Smith, associate professor of history and African and African American studies at Duke University; Toska Cooper, member of the Carolina Black Caucus; and Nia Wilson, executive director of SpiritHouse.