Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play

Oct 22, 2015

The Simpsons is the kind of show that people watch over and over. Many episodes continue to linger in popular culture no matter how many years have passed since they originally aired.

But what would happen if suddenly all The Simpsons episodes and all other media and technology were gone and all that remained were people’s memories of what they think they heard or saw?

A new play at Manbites Dog Theater in Durham explores this premise and tells the story of what happens in the aftermath of a civilization-ending apocalypse when survivors try to re-tell a classic Simpsons episode.

The story of the episode continues to evolve over time and eventually begins to look like something new and strange, raising questions about the power of theater and the state of the human condition. 

Host Frank Stasio previews “Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play” with director Jeff Storer, composer Bart Matthews, and actors Lormarev Jones and Michael Brocki. The show opens tonight and runs through Saturday, Nov. 7.