McCrory Lays Out Education Plans

Mar 28, 2012

Republican Gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory laid out his education platform today. As Dave DeWitt reports, the former mayor of Charlotte is in favor of expanding school choice and teacher merit pay, among other things.

Dave DeWitt: McCrory was careful not to wade into the current debate between Governor Bev Perdue and the Republican led Legislature over school funding. He refused to say if schools were adequately funded under the current budget, but instead offered outlines of new programs that he said may save money.

Those programs ranged from making the approval process for new charter schools easier to paying the best teachers more.

Pat McCrory: North Carolina is blessed with many outstanding teachers who should be rewarded for the impact that they have on individual lives and our young people.

McCrory is currently the Republican frontrunner for governor. He also leads in polls when compared to potential Democratic challengers.