Living A Life Of Crime On Movies On The Radio

Mar 6, 2019

The latest edition of Movies on the Radio is all about gangster, mob and mafia movies. Listeners share their favorite movies focused on the world of crime, from the family business in “Married To The Mob” to the crooked cops in “Training Day.”

Host Frank Stasio talks to film experts Marsha Gordon and Laura Boyes about the mafia genre and why it is still popular with audiences today. They also discuss the history of these films and how they have evolved over time.

Gordon is a film professor at North Carolina State University. Boyes is the film curator for the North Carolina Museum of Art. She is also the curator of the MovieDiva series. Boyes is introducing the Mae West film “I’m No Angel” on March 13 at the Carolina Theatre in Durham. She is also introducing the film “Rosita” on March 15 at the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh.