Judges Order New North Carolina Maps Ahead Of 2020 Election

Oct 29, 2019

File photo of North Carolina's gerrymandered congressional district map.
Credit Credit North Carolina General Assembly

A three-judge panel has ordered North Carolina legislators to throw out the current Congressional maps.

The judges determined these maps, which were redrawn in 2016, show signs of “extreme partisan gerrymandering.” Republican lawmakers can choose to appeal the decision or rush to redraw congressional lines before the December primary filing deadline.

Host Frank Stasio speaks with WUNC’s Capitol Bureau Chief Jeff Tiberii about the latest redistricting news, including another decision that came down Monday to uphold recently-redrawn legislative maps. If the decision is not appealed, the newly-drawn state legislative districts will be in play for the 2020 elections. Stasio and Tiberii also discuss the long-awaited budget veto override vote from the state senate.