History Repeats Itself In ‘Leaving Eden’

Apr 3, 2018

What does it feel like to be excluded? Minority communities in North Carolina have experienced economic and political exclusion at various points throughout history, and the new Playmakers Repertory Company production “Leaving Eden” brings that familiar story to light.

The play focuses on the fictional town of Marah, North Carolina at two points in history: 1933 and 2016. In 1933, African-American families are facing hostility from the community they call home. And in the modern scenes in 2016, Latinx community members, many of whom are undocumented and work at the nearby pork processing plant, are facing potential mass eviction from their homes. Host

Frank Stasio speaks with “Leaving Eden” writer Mike Wiley and lyricist and music producer Laurelyn Dossett. They are joined by actors Sarita Ocón and Carlos Alcala who play the roles of Maria and Javier Morales in the production. "Leaving Eden" opens Saturday, April 7 and runs through Sunday, April 22 at the Paul Green Theatre in Chapel Hill.