Greensboro Students Visiting the White House Garden

Mar 26, 2012

A group of students from Greensboro is in Washington D.C. today helping First Lady Michelle Obama plant her White House garden.

Jeff Tiberii: Last year students at Sumner Elementary school students decided to plant their own garden, and sent letters to the First lady seeking advice. Last week the White House called and extended an invitation for five third graders, two teachers and the principal to visit the White House and receive gardening tips first hand. Principal Thyais Maxwell says the children are excited and the families emotional

Thyais Maxwell: Mothers cried, they were so grateful. They asked if their children and their families could write letters to the first lady and President Obama wishing them peace and blessings, just cause they were so appreciative.

Sumner Elementary began its garden project last week. Students planted broccoli, lettuce and kale, along with other plants and vegetables. The garden has helped students learn more about nutrition, science and the environment.