Governor Creates Fracking Task Force

May 22, 2012

Governor Bev Perdue has issued an executive order creating a task force to develop regulation for the controversial natural gas drilling practice known as fracking.

Jessica Jones: The order comes as lawmakers are expected to begin debate soon on allowing shale gas exploration. Republican Senator Robert Rucho is sponsoring a measure that would allow the practice to begin by 2014. The governor's order creates a working group led by the state Division of Energy and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. It would form standards and make regulatory recommendations to oversee the process of drilling for natural gas in the state. The governor says fracking can be part of a larger energy solution as long as it's done safely. But she says a robust set of rules must be developed before the practice can begin. Republican lawmakers say they approve of the governor's effort to create a regulatory framework. Legislators will ultimately decide whether and how the practice will begin in the state.