Gov. McCrory Says He Won't Call Lawmakers Back To Raleigh

Sep 13, 2014

Gov. Pat McCrory released a video Friday stating, he will not call the General Assembly back to Raleigh for a special session.  In it he says he doesn't see the need to bring legislators back after a long and at time contentious short session. 

Gov. Pat McCrory said in a video release that he will not call lawmakers back for a special session.
Credit NC Governor's Office

“It would be counter- productive and a waste of taxpayer money to bring the General Assembly back when there is no agreement in place on issues already voted on," McCrory said in the video release.  "And after a lengthy session, they need a break and frankly, I need a break from them.”

Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker and other economic development groups recently called on the governor to convene a special session, to address a dwindling pot of money used for business incentives.  The fund will be depleted next month.

McCrory did say in the video, if a major job recruitment effort develops and it requires legislative support, he would bring lawmakers back.