Faith Leaders In Greensboro Demand Answers From City

Jun 12, 2020

A group of faith leaders in Greensboro, known as the Pulpit Forum, has demands for its city amid protests against police brutality.

 One of the demands, is for the city to address a lack of transparency in the local police department.

They applauded Greensboro Police Chief Brian James' recent announcement of a new "duty to intervene" policy which requires officers to hold each other accountable for use of excessive force.

However, they say there's still work to be done. Specifically, the group wants the city to immediately settle the case of Marcus Smith, a Black man who died in police custody two years ago.

They also want the city to acknowledge and apologize for the police department's role in facilitating the 1979 murder of five labor and community organizers.

Shiloh Baptist Church Pastor Steve Allen said he hopes the city listens.

"Greensboro has the opportunity to lead the nation once more not with all deliberate speed, not with all indifference, but a willingness to step forward and to do the right thing," he said. "We have come in love. If you don't respond to love, then you see anger. We can't control anger, anger is the voice of people. We're tired of being ignored."

The Pulpit Forum is also demanding equal access to resources for minority-owned businesses and for the city to address disparities in education.