Experimental Duo Samples Whips, Whitney Houston, And A 1954 Educational Film

Apr 17, 2020

Dancers responded to Sand Pact's original score for ''The In-Between.''
Credit ShaLeigh Comeford

Usually the dancing is quite erratic at Sand Pact shows. Induced by their chaotic collages, onlookers may find themselves alternately writhing on the floor, head-bopping or paralyzed save a slight eye twitch.

Nonetheless, a Raleigh choreographer thought the duo a perfect candidate for a collaboration. After weeks of bouncing ideas back and forth, ShaLeigh Danceworks premiered “The In-Between,” with an original score composed by Sand Pact.

Sand Pact
Credit Oscar Nn

Featured in the score are reworked audio from a 1954 educational film, the sound of a whip crack and, naturally, some samples of Whitney Houston.

Kaanchee Gudiya and Alex Fresa together are Sand Pact. They each also have solo projects — Gudiya and Debt Stalker. They join Host Frank Stasio to break down a section of their score and explain the creative process behind their soundscapes.

Sand Pact performs on Tuesday, April 21 from 1:20-2:20 a.m. as part of Internet Friends’ 12-hour live-streamed performance featuring dozens of musicians.