Embodied: No Happy Endings For Nora McInerny

Oct 25, 2019

When something bad happens people often hear the same advice: “everything happens for a reason” or “time heals all wounds.” But Nora McInerny says that advice is useless and that grief is a chronic condition that you can’t just “get over.” She should know.

In 2014, McInerny had a miscarriage, lost her father and lost her husband, all in the span of six weeks. After that she became a reluctant grief expert and grief author. Her latest book is “No Happy Endings: A Memoir” (Dey Street Books/2019) and she hosts the acclaimed podcast “Terrible, Thanks For Asking.”

McInerny joins host Anita Rao for a conversation about how her grief has evolved over the last five years and how to support those who are facing loss. Their discussion is part of The State of Things’ series “Embodied: Conversations About Sex, Relationships And Your Health.” McInerny will be at the first-ever Grief Fest at Pullen Memorial Baptist Church in Raleigh on Sunday, Oct. 27 at 1 p.m.