Embodied: A Look At How Social Behavior Impacts Genetics

Oct 10, 2019

When the MacArthur Foundation notified Jenny Tung that she is a 2019 “genius grant” recipient, she was honored and humbled. The new mom has spent much of her career studying primates and how their early life impacts their overall health, life expectancy and even affects their offspring.

In a recent report that Tung co-authored, research showed that early trauma in a mother baboon meant a shorter lifespan for her offspring. This research was conducted as part of the Amboseli Baboon Research Project, which has been studying baboons in Kenya for nearly 50 years. Tung first came to Duke University as an undergraduate two decades ago. Today she is an associate professor in the departments of biology and evolutionary anthropology there. She joins host Anita Rao as part of Embodied, a series about sex, relationships and your health.

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