Budd, Guilford Co. School Officials Discuss School Safety

Apr 6, 2018

Guilford County law enforcement leaders met with U.S. Representative Ted Budd and Guilford County school officials to discuss school safety and security.
Credit Brian Batista / For WUNC

U.S. Representative Ted Budd met with Guilford County School officials and law enforcement to discuss what can be done to improve school safety and security in the area.

Funding, mental health and arming teachers were the main topics at the meeting.

Budd, who owns a gun store and shooting range in Forsyth County, has previously stated he is against additional gun control laws. He said he wants to figure out how to keep schools safe moving forward.

“We have to look at what can we do to share an officer between multiple schools, do preventive technology, preventive training,” he said.

Out of 126 schools in the Guilford County School district, sixty are without school resource officers.

Guilford County Sheriff BJ Barnes said without fully understanding how mental health issues affect some people, they're at a loss on how to protect students.

“We can't share that information now, we can't do the things we need to do, to have the knowledge we need to do to protect our citizens in some cases,” Barnes said. “So that's what we'll be working on.”