Behind The Glass With Producers Katy Barron and Laura Pellicer

Dec 30, 2016

For the final episode of our annual "Producer Picks" series,  veteran producer Katy Barron, and a rookie, The State of Things' newest producer, Laura Pellicer reflect on the stand-out stories from 2016. Barron and Pellicer are the behind the scenes actors that find fresh voices, make editorial decisions, and get the show to air every weekday. For this segment they step in front of the microphone to share their favorite segments they had a hand in producing. 

Barron's picks run the gamut from public education to art house film. Pellicer's picks explore race, exuberant guests, and a local musical gem. 

Links to the complete audio for all the highlighted segments can be found below: 
Katy Barron's Picks:

Laura Pellicer's Picks: