Banks, Credit Unions Close Lobbies During Coronavirus Outbreak

Mar 20, 2020

Credit I-5 Design & Manufacture / flickr, creative commons,

Credit unions and banks across the state are closing lobbies and using only drive-up windows during this coronavirus outbreak.

The North Carolina State Employees’ Credit Union made the announcement in a video statement on its website.

“You should know that our branches are open and available but we are restricting services to drive-thru only," President and CEO Mike Lord said. "This measure is being taken to reduce the potential for transmission of the virus to you, your family and to our employees.”

State Employees’ Credit Union has more than 2.4 million members and 1,100 ATM machines. Starting today, Coastal Credit Union, with 23 branches in central North Carolina, will close all of its branch lobbies. Only using drive-up and vestibule tellers.

And PNC Bank is closing about a quarter of its branches. Many of those remaining open will only use drive-up windows and designated days for essential appointments.