Mad Men Mondays: Xerox, Golf Clubs And Runaways

May 12, 2014

Episode 5 from the final season of AMC's "Mad Men" has aired and as we have done over the last several Mondays, in partnership with Duke University's Hartman Center For Sales, Advertising & Marketing History, we present the next in the "Mad Men Mondays" series. Archivists at the center comb through the library's holdings in search of images related to the plot of the just-aired episode and provide a helpful summary. Here goes:

Mad Men Monday – Season 7, Episode 5 “The Runaways”

Last night’s episode featured references to Xerox, rumaki, golf clubs, and American Tobacco, among other things.

Xerox ad from The Hartman Center

Fox Trots "Planned Parenthood" ad via the Hartman Center

The episode left viewers reeling over the crazy things that some of the characters did. Stan finds a folder of cartoons drawn by Lou on the photocopier. He shows them to some of the other creative staff and they make jokes.  Don gets a call from Anna Draper’s niece, Stephanie, who is pregnant and needs help. He tells her to go to Megan’s house and he will fly out to see her.

Megan takes her in, but then later tells Stephanie it would be best if she left, writing her a check for $1,000. Lou is angry at the creative staff for mocking his cartoon ambitions and orders them all to work late on a Friday night. Henry and Betty host part of a progressive dinner.  Betty speaks up about the war in Vietnam and Henry contradicts her, causing a big argument later. Don arrives at Megan’s house and is disappointed that Stephanie has already left. Ginsberg becomes paranoid about the new computer and goes over to Peggy’s house to work. He tells her that the computer is driving him crazy and makes a pass at her. She pushes him away and sends him home.

Sally comes home from school with a broken nose and argues with Betty.  Bobby sneaks into Sally’s bedroom to ask if Henry and Betty will get a divorce because they argue so much. Megan hosts a party at her house for her acting friends. Don feels out of place, but then goes for a drink with Harry when he unexpectedly shows up. 

A Kodel ad with a yellow dress from The Hartman Center

Harry tells Don that Lou and Jim are pursuing the Commander cigarette account, which will force Don out of SC&P because of the ad he did for the American Cancer Society. When Don comes back to Megan’s house after the party Megan and Amy seduce him together.  The next morning Don flies back to New York and interrupts the meeting with Philip Morris executives, selling them on his services, much to the dismay of Jim and Lou. At SC&P Ginsberg calmly expresses his feelings for Peggy and gives her a gift box.  She is horrified to open it and see his nipple, which he cut off to relieve the “pressure” from the computer.  He gets carried out of SC&P on a stretcher in restraints.

Mad Men Mondays
Credit John W. Hartman Center, Duke University Rubenstein Library

A gallery of more Mad Men-related images can be viewed via the Center's Flickr page. Read the original post of this blog article.

Wilson Golf Clubs ad from The Hartman Center