Holiday Challenge Aims To Keep The Pounds Off

Nov 19, 2012

State health officials want to help North Carolinians keep the pounds off this holiday season. The annual Maintain, Don't Gain Holiday Challenge launches today. Participants receive email tips, and can download food and activity logs to track their progress. Daniella Uslan is with the Physical Activity and Nutrition Branch of the state Division of Public Health. She says the challenge includes creative ideas on how to stay healthy during the holidays - like how to fit a little exercise in.

Daniella Uslan: When holiday shopping, parking a little bit farther in the parking lot, or having a soccer game with your family before Thanksgiving. So we don't want this to be a burdensome type of challenge but really a creative, motivational, exciting way to get healthy.

People can join the program online at Eat Smart Move More NC. Uslan says last year 89% of the more than 3,000 participants reported maintaining their weight.