Gubernatorial Candidates Stump In Greensboro

Oct 10, 2012

North Carolina's major party candidates for Governor both spoke at an economic event in Greensboro today.

Small business owners, executives and local officials heard from Democrat Walter Dalton and Republican Pat McCrory at the Grandover resort this morning. Each spoke for about 30 minutes and took several questions from the audience at the North Carolina Economic Developers Association's fall conference. Lieutenant Governor Dalton again pledged to restore cuts to public education and is open to off-shore oil drilling and hydraulic fracturing, if the appropriate safety measures are taken.

McCrory also wants energy exploration and a reduction in taxes. The former seven-term mayor of Charlotte cited a new report from the Tax Foundation, in saying North Carolina has one of the worst tax climates for business in the country. McCrory wants to lower corporate tax rates to be competitive with neighboring states. The two meet for a second debate next Tuesday.