Dalton Campaigns in Winston-Salem

Aug 6, 2012

Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Walter Dalton held a Town Hall meeting this morning in Winston-Salem.

Jeff Tiberii: The current Lieutenant Governor answered questions from a group of about 30 people at a local community college. Dalton responded to audience members on issues of transportation, education and was repeatedly asked about taxes and if he would extend a sales tax increase, should he be elected to office; a position he has not taken a definitive stance on.

Walter Dalton: I have not said what I would do, because I don’t know what the financial projections are going to show. I understand money is coming in a little bit better now and hopefully we’re turning the corner on the economy, but it’s still a tough time.

The campaign of Republican Pat McCrory, Dalton’s opponent, released a video today. It criticizes Dalton for exaggerating his record on Community Colleges. McCrory, a former seven-term mayor of Charlotte is leading Dalton in the latest republican-leaning Rasmussen poll by five points.