Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Remains In The Dark A Month After Storms

Feb 13, 2018

It's been about a month since the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse fell dark. The U.S. Coast Guard maintains the mechanical structure within the 200 year-old building.

Petty Officer Third Class Nate Cox says some of those antique mechanisms in the 1802 building failed after a series of winter storms.

“It seems to be that the parts are original to that lighthouse,” Cox said. “And obviously with a lighthouse that iconic and specific, the parts are very hard to come by.”

The Coast Guard commissioned a firm in Cincinnati to create new parts. Cox also said they're relying on VHF marine radio to warn boaters.

“What we're doing is twice a day we're putting out a morning and night broadcast notice to mariners on channel 22,” Cox said. “It's just simply a safety message that, 'The lighthouse is out. Don't be nervous but be aware.' And that seems to be working at this time.”

Cox says it could be another month before the new parts arrive and can be installed.

“As soon as we get those parts, we'll quickly get them up as fast as we can and get it up and running for the community,” Cox said.