Ways To Listen To WUNC Online

Listen to WUNC at home, at work & on the go with our streams and apps!

If you're looking for WUNC's podcasts, you can find out all about them on our Podcast page. Looking for information on listening to WUNC Music? Check this out.

There are several ways to hear WUNC's live stream online or via your favorite devices. Here's a rundown:


1. On Our Website:


Click Listen Live to starting listening to WUNC or WUNC Music

Click the blue Listen Live button and select either WUNC News (the same audio you hear when you tune to 91.5 in our broadcast area) or WUNC Music to start listening.  A player will be presented that makes it easy to listen as you browse our site or surf the web.

WUNC News and WUNC Music are both available via TuneIn.

Direct links to the stream URLs are listed at the bottom of this page.

Credit Mttomoki / Creative Commons

 2. Smart Speaker:

To hear WUNC's main news stream, tell your smart speaker to "Play WUNC." 

To enjoy WUNC Music, for Alexa, enable our Alexa skill and then say "Play WUNC Music". For Google Home say "Play WUNC Music from TuneIn".  More detilas about our smart speaker service is available elsewhere on this site.

3. WUNC Apps:

Listen on your Android device

  The WUNC Android App is available on the Google Play Store.  It offers easy access to our live stream, podcasts,  and other features.  Check it out and make sure to rate it and leave a comment on the Play Store, too!

Listen on your iPhone or iPad 

 WUNC has its own app for iOS iPhones and iPad.You can grab it at the iTunes App store today. Our app including links toWUNC podcasts, up-to-date news from WUNC and more!

4. Apple Music radio(formerly  iTunes Radio):

You can listen to WUNC's live stream via Apple Music (formerly iTunes Radio) on Macs & Windows with iTunes

Simply open “Music” on your iPhone / iPad. Next, select the Radio icon on the lower left.  Then, click the “New Station” icon and type in WUNC in the search field. Finally, select WUNC to hear the live stream.  On desktops, click the Radio link found inside iTunes.


If you experience any issues listening to WUNC's live stream, please let us know.

5. NPR One App:

In addition to the WUNC live stream you'll find loads of WUNC stories and news on NPR ONE, the listening app from NPR.

NPR One - and you


Direct Links to streams:

You can use these links to manually add your stream to some modles of Internet Radios, to Windows Media Player, and to other players.

As an example, you can use the instructions found on this page to manually add our streams to iTunes.  Scroll down to "Connect to an Internet broadcast" and enter the URL https://edg-iad-wunc-ice.streamguys1.com/wunc-128-aac for our main WUNC stream or use https://edg-iad-wunc-ice.streamguys1.com/wunc-hd2-128-aac for WUNC Music.  Make sure to save this so you can listen to the stream later.