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Gov. Pat McCrory
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As he unveiled his proposed $20.6 billion dollar budget yesterday, the banner behind Governor Pat McCrory trumpeted the three initiatives he wanted to emphasize. It read: “Economy. Education. Efficiency.” In reality, though, education should have been number one, because it’s by far the largest expenditure and the area where the biggest fights are likely.

Governor McCrory's recommended budget
NC Office of State Budget and Management

Governor Pat McCrory released his budget proposal earlier today. It’s a $20.6 billion plan that emphasizes spending on education and economic development and sets aside money for emergencies. It doesn’t seek to create any new high-priced programs.

Earlier today, Governor McCrory told reporters in a news conference at the historic old State Capitol that North Carolina needs to fix its broken government.

Gov. Pat McCrory

State officials have signed an agreement to clean up a former Superfund site near Charlotte. The deal is part of a project to create an eco-industrial park on a nearly 670-acre site. The site was once home to a former textile complex. Governor Pat McCrory says the agreement will launch the development of the region's largest eco-industrial park, called ReVenture West.

 No grand bargain has been reached between the White House and Congress on a budget, leaving some North Carolinians wondering how hard the sequester will  hit the state.

North Carolina’s Republican Lawmakers are sticking by conservative principles early in Gov. Pat McCrory’s first term. Last week, he signed legislation cutting unemployment benefits. The move was an attempt to pay back debt owed the federal government earlier.

And this week, legislators voted for and sent along a piece of legislation that would reject a federal option to expand Medicaid.

Governor Pat McCrory delivers his State of the State address

Gov. Pat McCrory is the first Republican Governor in North Carolina for 20 years. So, many looked with anticipation to his first State of the State address this past Monday to see what kind of governor he would be.

Gov. Pat McCrory
Governor's Office

Republican Governor Pat McCrory delivered his first State of the State speech to North Carolinians Monday night. He promised to make state government more efficient through a series of cost-cutting measures.  He also pledged to improve North Carolina's economy and its educational system.

Gov. Pat McCrory
Governor's Office

Governor Pat McCrory will lay out his vision for North Carolina in his State of the State speech this evening. It will be the governor's first opportunity to tell North Carolinians how he plans to govern the state.

In his inaugural address, Governor McCrory said he'd like to overhaul state government and North Carolina's educational system, but he hasn't filled in the details. He's expected to tick through a number of topics, from education to off-shore energy exploration. And he's sure to have a big audience.

Gov. Pat McCrory
Governor's Office

A state House committee has moved along a bill that would block any state-funded expansion of Medicaid.  The Health and Human services Committee voted to follow Governor Pat McCrory's lead saying that Medicaid should not grow to cover about half-a million uninsured residents.  States can expand Medicaid to help cover the uninsured under the Affordable Care Act..but they can also opt out of that expansion.   Governor McCrory said the program's budget is tight in a speech at the Emerging Issues Forum at N-C State yesterday.

Republicans are looking to make big changes to how industries like energy, telecommunications and transportation are regulated. First on the agenda: fire most board and committee members and replace them with people hand-picked by Governor McCrory and the legislature.

State lawmakers in the House plan to take up a bill this evening that would reduce unemployment benefits for laid-off workers.  House Bill 4 is expected to reach the floor for lawmakers to consider tonight. The measure would speed up repayment of North Carolina’s 2.57 billion dollar debt to the federal government. The state borrowed that money to help pay unemployment benefits to a rapidly growing number of people who lost their jobs during the recession.

Big changes are coming during this year's legislative session. Republican leaders and Gov. Pat McCrory are expected to push legislation that would significantly alter policies in education, energy, governmental regulations and health care, among others. Host Frank Stasio previews the session with WUNC Capitol Bureau Chief Jessica Jones.

Gov. Pat McCrory
NC Governor's Office

Governor Pat McCrory says he has instructed his staff to write legislation that would revamp how state universities are funded. McCrory told the Bill Bennett radio show Morning in America that universities should be funded not by how many students they enroll, but how many students get jobs after college.

"I think some of the educational elite have taken over our education where we're offering courses that have no chance at getting people jobs," McCrory said. 

A battle over changing the tax code is looming in Raleigh. Some Republicans want to eliminate personal and corporate income tax. Democrats and a key member of Governor McCrory's staff call the proposal a regressive tax on the middle class and poor.

Host Frank Stasio talks taxes and other stories with Chris Fitzsimon of North Carolina Policy Watch; and Mitch Kokai with the John Locke Foundation.

North Carolina’s new governor, Republican Pat McCrory, was sworn in this weekend as the state’s highest office holder. The former mayor of Charlotte took the oath of office publicly on Saturday, though he took the oath privately the weekend before. The ceremony- which also included the swearing-in of ten Council of State members- was held on the grounds of North Carolina’s historic Old Capitol building.

North Carolina's new Republican governor will have a fellow G-O-P chief executive at his public swearing in ceremony tomorrow.

North Carolina's 2013 Inaugural Ball to celebrate newly-elected governor Pat Mccrory and Council of State members kicks off tonight. The event has been hosted by the Junior League of Raleigh since 1933. The group uses the ball as a fundraiser for projects aimed at improving the lives of children. Inaugural ball co-chair Virginia Yopp says the festivities feature North Carolina food, local bands, and surprise guest speakers. She says tonight's Rock the Ball concert was created so everyone - young and old - would have a chance to participate in the festivities.

Governor Pat McCrory has signed his first executive order on his first weekday in office. He held the first news conference of his term this morning.

Pat McCrory: "My first order actually rescinds the judicial nominating commission. We're going back to the original constitutional authority granted to the governor, giving the governor the authority to appoint vacancies on the bench."

Pat McCrory holds his first cabinet meeting today after becoming the 74th governor of North Carolina. McCrory took the oath of office over the weekend from Chief Justice of the state Supreme Court Sarah Parker. McCrory received a state seal from Bev Perdue that is handed to each governor when he or she takes office.

Republican Pat McCrory will officially become North Carolina's 74th governor today.

Governor-elect Pat McCrory has filled the remaining seats in his cabinet. McCrory announced this morning his cabinet will include former Wake County Schools superintendent Tony Tata as Secretary of Transportation. The school board voted to remove Tata from his superintendent position in September. McCrory also appointed Sharon Decker, a former vice president at Duke Energy, as Secretary of Commerce. UNC Board of Governors member Bill Daughtridge will serve as Secretary of Administration.

The tone was conservative and full of worry at yesterday’s Economic Forecast Forum hosted by the North Carolina Bankers Association and the state Chamber.  Incoming Governor Pat McCrory kicked off the annual event declaring the state’s brand had been diminished during the economic downturn. The state’s top Republican said North Carolina will see prosperity again when more people are put back to work.

Governor-elect Pat McCrory has announced three more additions to his cabinet. McCrory said this morning he will appoint Winston-Salem businessman Lyons Gray to serve as his Secretary of Revenue. Former Salisbury mayor Susan Kluttz will be McCrory's Secretary of Cultural Resources. And Raleigh defense attorney Kieran Shanahan will be Secretary of Public Safety. McCrory says he has three more cabinet positions to fill before his inauguration next month.

Governor-elect Pat McCrory announced three appointments earlier today. He has chosen two prominent North Carolinians to serve on his Cabinet. Dr. Aldona Wos will serve as the Secretary of Health and Human services. She is a physician and former ambassador to Estonia who worked on McCrory's gubernatorial campaign. John Skvarla will serve as the Secretary of Environmental and Natural Resources. He is the C-E-O of an environmental restoration company based in Raleigh. And McCrory has chosen a former Durham City Council member, Thomas Stith, as his Chief of Staff.

Dorothea Dix Hospital

On Tuesday, the North Carolina Council of State is expected to vote on the future of the Dorothea Dix campus. The 300-acre former mental hospital is prime real estate. Gov. Bev Perdue appears on the verge of making a deal to sell or offer a long-term lease to the city of Raleigh for a "destination park." But not everyone is excited about that prospect, including the Governor-Elect Pat McCrory. WUNC Reporter Jessica Jones joins Host Frank Stasio to discuss the deal and its prospects.

North Carolina's next governor, Pat McCrory, has set up a team of advisors to help him make the transition to his administration in January. Former Charlotte City Council member John Lassiter is the senior chairman of transition operations, and former Durham city councilman Thomas Stith has been named transition director. McCrory says he's already spoken with Republican legislative leaders who control both the House and the Senate. But he says he will take a bipartisan approach to governing the state.

Republican Governor Elect Pat McCrory is in Raleigh today beginning the transition to becoming North Carolina's 74th Governor.

Republican Pat McCrory will be the next governor of North Carolina. The former Charlotte Mayor defeated Democrat Walter Dalton on Tuesday by receiving more than 54-percent of the vote. McCrory becomes the first GOP gubernatorial candidate to win in 27 years, and just the third republican to take the governor's mansion since 1901.

Republican Gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory continues to lead Democrat Walter Dalton in the polls and campaign fundraising.

Tonight marks the third and final gubernatorial debate between Republican Pat McCrory and Democrat Walter Dalton.