Your Favorite Movies About Musicians: Movies On The Radio

Dec 13, 2018

Films that draw viewers into the gritty highs and lows of the music world are having a big cinematic moment. There is the new head-banging Queen biopic “Bohemian Rhapsody,” yet another reincarnation of “A Star is Born,” featuring pop icon Lady Gaga, and the forthcoming “Rocketman” that takes on the rise of Elton John.

Film experts Marsha Gordon and Laura Boyes join host Frank Stasio to dissect listener’s favorite movies about musicians and talk about how movies featuring songwriting scenes, life on the road, and rocky relationships among artists have a long legacy in film.

Gordon is a film professor at North Carolina State University and Boyes is a film curator for the North Carolina Museum of Art and curator of the Moviediva Film Series.

Here are some of our listeners' favorite movies about musicians: 
The Commitments, 1991

A Star Is Born, 2018

Once, 2006

The Glenn Miller Story, 1954