US Supreme Court Hears NC Partisan Gerrymandering Case

Mar 26, 2019

The Supreme Court hears arguments in North Carolina's partisan gerrymandering case.
Credit Joe Ravi / Wikimedia Commons/ CC-BY-SA 3.0

The U.S. Supreme Court listened to oral arguments Tuesday morning in a North Carolina gerrymandering case that dates back to the 2016 election. The case, Common Cause v. Rucho, is a major test for the court’s position on political gerrymandering.

In North Carolina, the 2016 congressional maps helped Republicans win 10 of 13 seats. Plaintiffs in the case say they have “smoking gun” evidence that Republicans drew congressional lines to gain partisan advantage.

Last August a three-judge panel ruled in favor of the plaintiffs and determined new districts needed to be drawn immediately. Republican legislators appealed that decision, and the Supreme Court accepted the case.

Host Frank Stasio speaks with WUNC’s Capitol Bureau Chief Jeff Tiberii who attended the oral arguments in Washington.