Telling Stories Of Immigration With Tango

Jan 23, 2018


In the new album “The Other Side of My Heart,” the Lorena Guillén Tango Ensemble tells the stories of Latina immigrant women in the United States. Lorena Guillén moved to the U.S. from Argentina about 20 years ago.

Her own story and her love for tango motivated her to create a album that serves as a platform for other immigrants to tell their stories. Guillén recorded interviews with five Latina immigrants and then worked with her ensemble to craft songs that blend the voice recordings with her band’s diverse musical sounds. Host Frank Stasio talks with Guillén about what inspired her to produce this work, how music can open minds across ideological boundaries, and how tango as a genre is tightly interwoven with immigration.

Lorena Guillen performed with Guy Capuzzo and other band members at the State of Things live show in Greensboro.
Credit WUNC

The Lorena Guillén Tango Ensemble performs selections from “The Other Side of My Heart” live with lead vocalist Lorena Guillén along with Adam Ricci and composer Alejandro Rutty on piano; Guy Capuzzo on guitar; and Eric Willie on percussion. The group will perform an album release concert at the Triad Stage in Greensboro this Saturday, Jan. 27 at 8 p.m.