Obese And Unattractive Med School Students May Have A More Uncertain Future

Jun 25, 2019

Medical school graduates viewed as obese or unattractive were more likely to be rejected by residency programs, according to a new study by Duke Health researchers.

The study asked reviewers to assess more than 70 fictitious applications that paired a random photo with information including grades, test scores and accolades. Each reviewer saw a different application for the same photo, and results indicated that those who were viewed as obese or unattractive were less likely to be invited for an in-person interview. Those same reviewers were also more likely to choose African American or Latinx applicants over white or Asian applicants.

Radiologist Dr. Charles M. Maxfield compiled the results from four universities and the Mayo clinic, and he joins host Frank Stasio to talk about his research and his hopes to bring about more awareness about our biases. Maxfield is the vice chairman of education for Duke Radiology.