North Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice Creates Courts Commission

Jun 5, 2015

Mark Martin
Credit Courtesy of Mark Martin

 North Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice Mark Martin has never hidden the fact that he is unhappy with the state of the court system in North Carolina. Chief Justice Martin is an outspoken critic of how budget constraints have negatively affected the courts.

Martin says one of the main issues plaguing the courts in antiquated technology, "The people of North Carolina- they shop online, they interact with myriad business, but when it comes to the court, we are hopelessly behind."

This week Chief Justice Martin announced a new courts commission to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the state's judicial system.  Chief Justice Martin says the goal is to make the courts more accessible to all North Carolina residents. 

The commission will focus on five areas: criminal investigation and adjudication, civil justice, technology and its application to the courts, the future of legal services, and public trust and confidence.

The work of the commission is expected to be presented to the General Assembly in 2017.