MOTR: Films You Walked Out On

Apr 26, 2019

Have you ever paid $10 dollars to see a movie in the theater only to walk out long before the credits? Or cozied up on your couch with all intention to watch the latest streaming movie, but you just couldn’t make it through to the end?

For some, the realistic shooting technique of “The Blair Witch Project” was just too dizzying. For others, Quentin Tarantino’s style is just too violent. Then there are those films that are so boring, poorly acted, or poorly written that you never make it to the end. For the next “Movies on the Radio,” we want to hear about the movies you walked out on or never made to the end of.

Film experts Marsha Gordon and Laura Boyes will break down listener’s picks. Submit yours by e-mailing us at or tweet at us with #SOTmovie for a chance to be on the show.