Migrant Workers Left Stranded By 911

Oct 9, 2018

The rural farm in Kinston had been evacuated, but no one ever told the migrant workers at Riggs Brothers Farm. They called 911 for help and it never came.
Credit Buzzfeed News

  Days before Hurricane Florence hit, rural Jones County ordered a mandatory evacuation for all residents. Left were behind dozens of migrant farm workers who woke up on Sept.15 to find waist-high deep water and property floating away.

They called 911 to be rescued and then waited, but local rescuers never came. Buzzfeed Breaking News reporter Salvador Hernandez covered this story. Hernandez’s report revealed that the owner of the farm cancelled the request for aid saying his workers were fine and had all they needed to wait out the storm. Hernandez joins host Frank Stasio to share the chain of command that left these workers stranded and how they were eventually brought to safety.