Mending A Shattered Mind And Body With Writing

Mar 15, 2018

Credit Red Hen Press

North Carolina writer Sebastian Matthews was almost killed by a dead man. He and his family had a head-on collision on a North Carolina highway in 2011 when a driver in the oncoming lane passed away from a sudden heart attack. Matthews and his wife were left in wheelchairs with countless broken bones, bruised spirits and a healthy 8-year-old to manage.

Their following years of grueling recovery changed Matthew’s perspective on what it means to be disabled. The experience inspired him to write a new book of prose and poetry called “Beginner’s Guide to a Head-On Collision” (Red Hen Press/ 2017). Host Frank Stasio talks with Asheville-based writer Sebastian Matthews about the new book in which he deconstructs each moment of the crash, the agonizing healing process and eventual return to normalcy.