Finding Inspiration Everywhere: Meet Author Carrie Knowles

Aug 3, 2020

Writing has been a central part of Carrie Knowles’ life since she was a young girl. She pursued creative writing as her major in college, even though it went against her father’s wishes.

She paid her way through school with gigs writing ad copy and commercial jingles. And once she became a mother to three young kids, she helped to support her family with freelancing. Memories from childhood, living abroad and questions about art have all provided fertile ground for her fiction writing. Knowles has also spent a large part of her life working to ignite the creative spark in others, encouraging them to find inspiration in the everyday. As the 2014 North Carolina Piedmont Laureate in short fiction, she held 40 presentations to assist people on their writing journeys.

She is also the author of “A Self-Guided Workbook and Gentle Tour on Learning How to Write from Start-to-Finish” (Owl Canyon Press/2020). Host Frank Stasio talks to Knowles about her passion for teaching and writing, her two recent books and how her degrees in psychology inform her what she puts on the page.

Note: This program originally aired January 13, 2020.