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Panel Questions


OK, panel, it is time for you to answer some questions about this week's news.

Tom, according to a new survey, 6% of Americans think that they are tough enough, smart enough and strong enough to do what?

TOM BODETT: Let's see - I'll - be an astronaut.


BODETT: I need a hint, Peter.

SAGAL: You need a hint. Well, it's tougher than your average fight.

BODETT: Fistfight a bear?



SAGAL: Six percent of Americans surveyed believe that they could beat a grizzly bear in a fair fight.

BODETT: Wow. I think...

SAGAL: The...

BODETT: They should let those people do it. That's - they should.

MAEVE HIGGINS: (Laughter).

SAGAL: The survey site YouGov asked people if a human could beat certain animals in a fight. Six percent of respondents said a human could take on a grizzly and win. It had been 7% of respondents, but then Jerry decided to fight a bear.

NEGIN FARSAD: (Laughter).

SAGAL: Now...

HIGGINS: But isn't it like - I feel like I learned all these things as a kid, you know? You have to pretend to be asleep. You have to climb a tree. But I mix them up...

SAGAL: Right.

HIGGINS: ...When it's different. I - like, when I'm, like, OK, a shark attack - climb a tree. And it's like, what?


FARSAD: But I think with grizzly bears, aren't you supposed to, like, make yourself really big and, like, sing a Broadway song but really confidently or whatever?


SAGAL: Specifically Broadway.


BODETT: Right.

SAGAL: Is it that bears don't like Broadway and they'll flee? Or is it...

FARSAD: No, it's that they're, like...

SAGAL: ...They love Broadway...

FARSAD: ...They're really...

SAGAL: ...And they'll sing along?

FARSAD: They're intimidated by triple threats mostly is how...

SAGAL: (Laughter).

FARSAD: ...Grizzly bears work.


BODETT: Oh, no, what bears are looking for is signs of submission. They're looking for signs of weakness and submission. That's why you walk backwards. You...


BODETT: ...Step off the trail or you sing show tunes, and they just, like...


BODETT: Well, there's no threat here, none whatsoever.


RACHEL PLATTEN: (Singing) This is my fight song, take back my life song.

SAGAL: Coming up, our panelists hit the half-pipe in our Bluff The Listener game. Call 1-888-WAIT-WAIT to play. We'll be back in a minute with more of WAIT WAIT... DON'T TELL ME from NPR.

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