Wet, Mild Summer Is Affecting Seasonal Offerings in North Carolina

Sep 10, 2013

Credit Gregory Vineyards

North Carolinians have had to endure bouts of mild but wet weather this summer.  That combination can help in some ways but can hurt in others. 

North Carolina wine growers specializing in muscadine varieties typically prefer dry weather with lots of sun.  Lane Gregory runs Gregory Vineyards in Angier.  He says up to 40 inches of rain fell on his muscadines in June and July.  Gregory says that has altered the balance in his yield.

"Right now I've got some grapes overripe, I've got some that's perfect and I've got some that's not even anywhere near ripe," says Gregory.  "And I think what has happened is typically this time of the year I'm still seeing fresh growth and we're not seeing that.

Gregory says he's trying different methods keep winter dormancy from happening too early in his vines.  He still believes he will have a good year in wine production..but not his best. 

Wetter weather around the state could mean better news for fall foliage.  Weather experts say more moisture makes for more vibrant colors as leaves change.