North Carolina Heats Up; Sand Hills Hits Triple-Digit Temperature

Jun 16, 2015

Meteorologists say it's going to be a very hot day. The recommend taking breaks for being outside and keeping cool.
Credit Mikael Leppä /

North Carolina is in the heat of the summer, just take a look at the thermometer. In the Sand Hills, the temperatures are in the triple digits.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Tim Armstrong said this is the hottest weather the Fayetteville area has seen in three years, and that temperatures could climb to 104 degrees Tuesday.

Armstrong said because of the humidity, it could feel more like 110 degrees, and that is a dangerous.

"Heat stroke can result from that, so obviously we caution people to stay indoors if possible. And if you have to be outdoors, take frequent breaks," he said. "Non-alcoholic beverages are always suggested. And light-colored clothing will help to reflect some of that heat away from your body, where dark-colored clothing would absorb it."

Temperatures could reach 100 degrees in the Triangle Tuesday. Armstrong said these are not record-breakers, but these temperatures are above normal for this time of the year.