'Every Time I Wanted To Quit, You Always Pushed Me Back On The Track'

Apr 1, 2014

Northern High School senior Katie Tran and track coach/math teacher Blake Rahn
Credit Will Michaels / WUNC
'You were the coach who always motivated me on the track to do better. Every time I wanted to quit, you always pushed me back on the track. You always put your students and your athletes first before yourself.' - Katie Tran

WUNC is in the midst of a yearlong examination of what it's like to be an educator, called the North Carolina Teacher Project. This week, we're returning to the My Teacher series, exploring what it takes to make a connection in the classroom by asking students to interview their teachers

WUNC's My Teacher series continues at Northern High School in Durham, where Katie Tran is a senior and member of the track team.

To many, Katie comes off as rebellious, but her math teacher and track coach Blake Rahn says Katie is just one of those students who's not afraid to be confrontational.

Katie talks to Mr. Rahn about his first impression of her, and how that changed throughout high school.

Katie's conversation with Blake Rahn is part of WUNC's My Teacher series. It's also a part of American Graduate-Let’s Make it Happen!- a public media initiative to address the drop out crisis, supported by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

The My Teacher series is produced and facilitated by Will Michaels.

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