NC Health News: Coronavirus Testing Ramps Up, But Lags Behind Other Nations

Mar 18, 2020

N.C. Public Radio and N.C. Health News formed a partnership to provide updates on the spread of coronavirus and COVID-19 in North Carolina.
Credit Laura Pellicer / WUNC

Coronavirus testing is ramping up in North Carolina and across the country. But it still lags behind almost every other developed country in the world.

Thousands of tests are still in the pipeline here in the state. That number will jump considerably, as local health departments, doctor offices, academic medical centers and others ramp up their own testing sites.

WUNC's Dave DeWitt speaks with N.C. Health News founder and head editor Rose Hoban about testing and other issues. Hoban is also a registered nurse and has a master's in public health. She will be joining WUNC regularly to discuss the Covid-19 pandemic.