Growing Up In The White House

Sep 30, 2013

Former President Lyndon B. Johnson and First Lady Lady Bird Johnson with their daughters Lynda Bird Johnson, left, and Luci Baines Johnson in this Nov. 30, 1963, family photo.
Credit LBJ Library Photo by Yoichi Okamoto

Luci Baines Johnson was a teenager in 1963 when President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed and her father, Lyndon Johnson, was thrust into the presidency. That year, the family moved into the White House, and Luci was fully aware of the tragic reason for their move. In this conversation with host Dick Gordon, she talks about the day she became the first daughter.

Also in this show: Buddy Edgerton, a neighbor of the illustrator Norman Rockwell, tells the story of how Rockwell painted people in their small town into what became the most famous portraits of Americana; and John Hope Franklin, who as a young black man in Oklahoma was turned away from and the military, became one of the most respected chroniclers of African-American history.