Greensboro Creates New Position For Arts And Economy

Jun 5, 2019

Greensboro officials want to strengthen the relationship between the arts and the city's economy.

The city created a "chief creative economy officer" position as part of its master plan for the arts and culture in Greensboro.

Assistant City Manager Chris Wilson said it's important for cities to know how to approach the arts so they can be more effective in their partnership.

"If you don't look at how you're approaching it and if you don't look at how you're using your resources to support groups who might raise that profile, then you may not be doing it as effectively as you want to," he said.

The person who's hired will manage public and private relationships tied to arts and culture. They also will direct the city's grant process. The new position comes with a salary of up to $110,000.

Wilson said it’s important for cities to do more than just give money to arts organizations.

"What is that doing? How effective is it?" he said. "Is it providing exposure to children who may not know the arts? Is it supporting the groups who are trying very hard to provide that exposure and service?"

Wilson said around 40 people have applied so far. The city hopes to have someone hired by fall.