Health-Sharing Ministries Demonstrate A Different Kind Of Health Care

Jan 28, 2020

Blake Collie in the hospital after a blood vessel burst in his brain. His care was covered by Medicaid, but his family has a health-sharing plan under Samaritan Ministries, a faith-based organization.
Credit Courtesy of Mark Collie and WRAL

North Carolina has the 9th highest uninsured rate in the nation. More than one million citizens do not have health insurance, and many are priced out of traditional insurance plans. Faith-based programs, also known as health-sharing ministries, are stepping in to fill the gap.

The organizations help families pay medical bills but are not regulated like conventional insurance companies. WRAL Investigates dug into how health-sharing ministries work in North Carolina, spoke with North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey about the organizations and profiled one family’s experience with the organization Samaritan Ministries.

Host Frank Stasio talks to WRAL enterprise executive producer Ashley Talley and investigative producer Randall Kerr about their reporting.