At Represent NC, Women And LGBTQ Musicians Are Heard Loud And Clear

Aug 21, 2018

When Triad-based artist Molly McGinn agreed to organize a new weekly music night at a local venue, she wanted it to look and sound a little different. 

McGinn was on a mission to showcase the work of talented women and LGBTQ-identifying musicians in the Triad without tokenizing them in a specific themed event or “ladies night.” She created the Represent NC residency, which showcases artists from different genres and backgrounds, and in its first few months incorporated homages to significant women and LGBTQ artists from throughout history.

Artists gather each Tuesday at Joymongers Brewing Co. in Greensboro to share their music, and McGinn says the weekly event has already fostered new collaboration. McGinn joins host Frank Stasio at the Triad Stage in Greensboro along with special guest Debbie Long (Debbie The Artist), one of the artists featured at Represent NC.